2018’s Must-Try Women’s Fashion Trends

The best time to rethink your wardrobe is at the start of the year. We are three months down and now is the time to ditch the past trends and experiment with this year’s patterns.
So, what hot fashion trends should you try this year?

Gym Chic

Gym chic

Remember your old high school gym gab that you wanted to wear all day every day? Well, give it a glam up by going the athleisure way. Go for a pair of well-fitting boxing shorts paired with chunky sneakers for a head-turning look. For a feminine look, Lorna Jane is worth checking out for some latest trends.
For an even more street look, try pairing lycra cycling shorts with a pair of ankle boots. The look is not for everyone, but if you find yourself already spotting yoga pants half the time, then this look will fit right into your closet.

Tourist Glam

tourist glam bag

Did you ever think that fanny packs could be chic and trendy? Well, the fashion gurus like Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Miu Miu made them cool by showcasing them on the summer/spring runways last year.
If you want a relaxed approach to carry your items when out at a gathering, then you can get one of these belt bags to pair with your desired look. Best yet, you can put an old fanny pack into use to try out this trend.

Gigantic Earrings

statement earrings

Most of us stay away from big, heavy earrings because they tend to get uncomfortable. However, with the right lightweight pair, you can make a supersized statement this year. Follow designer Stephanie Browne for latest statement earrings fashion.
It is not something you would pick for an everyday look but for those occasional shindigs where you want to make an impression.

Mix Prints

mixed prints

Do you love prints and just never know how to pair them up? Why not take a bold step and just try mixing them up however you like. It means playing around with pairings of plaids, checkered, and striped prints.
You can always tell if it does not look right and ditch the look. The best way to try this trend is with the prints you already have in your closet to figure out if it works for you.

Cover Up

black dress

Who knew that covering up can look all so elegant and glamorous? Gucci’s 2017 head-to-toe look was a hit, and it is something every woman must try this year.
Go for a head-to-toe look for a black-tie event; we are sure you can get your hands on such a gown from your favourite store.
Go Back To The 80s
The strong shoulders, lean waist, and long leg silhouettes of the 80s have made a comeback. To picture the look think Princess Diana when she stepped out in a casual yet chic jeans pairing.
It also means splurging on boots if you find this look appealing enough to stay with it, and giving poof-style crop jackets a try.
Remember that fashion always reinvents itself, but the style you choose is what makes it truly your own. With any of these looks, go the extra mile to nail down the right hair and accessories combo.

The Art of Flower Arrangement

Floral art has become extremely popular and can be found almost anywhere in the world. The illustration of flower arrangement can be a meditative practice, or it can be done just for the sheer joy and beauty of it. Whether you are looking for something to decorate a home, to carry down the aisle at a wedding or something to care for the long term, there is something for almost any taste. Floral art has been around for thousands of years and is available in nearly every style imaginable. Present day school offers tons of courses in the art of flower arrangement.


Flowers were so important in Japanese culture that there was even poetry written in their honour. When Buddhism was first introduced to Japan around the 6th century, the use of flowers as offerings at Buddhist altars became common. Native flowers were chosen each season and used for the offerings. This became known as Ikebana.
Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement has become very popular since its creation. The word means “living flowers”, and dates back to the 7th century. The art of Ikebana gained in popularity through the 15th and 16th centuries, during the Muromachi period, with the development of more formal rules governing the designs. There are now Ikebana groups and clubs popping up in many different cities and towns, where people gather together to share their love of the art form. Currently, there are over 3000 different schools in Japan and across the globe. Read on modern Ikebana and how it is ornated inside homes.
Floral art as it existed then began in China and eventually spread to India, Japan and Korea. The styles of flower arranging were modified in each place using local plants, such as the use of the lotus flower in India. At first, there were no attempts to curve branches and stems, the flowers that were used were merely the seasonal blooms. Chinese floral arrangers had begun to focus on beauty, structure, and meaning, creating an art form that would eventually spread to Europe and the Americas. It was likely the spread of Buddhism which led to the range of flower art around the globe.

ikebana flower arrangement

Floral Design Art & Technique

The oldest known school of Ikebana is Ikenobo, founded at the Rokkaku-do temple in Kyoto. The earliest style created by the Ikenobo family was Rikka, which then became popular with Buddhist flower artists. Buddhists began to use flowers to represent more abstract concepts rather than for their superficial beauty around this time. Ikebana became a huge part of Japanese culture as a whole over the next several hundred years. When Japan was introduced to the Western world in the nineteenth century, some flower masters discovered a love for using Western blooms in their arrangements. The most well-known was Unshin Ohara, who started his school, the Ohara School.

Ohara created his style, called Moribana, which means ‘piling up of flowers.’ It was a much less structured approach than the Ikenobo style, yet still incorporated uneven numbers and asymmetry in flower arrangements. It became one of the most popular forms, with the three most popular designs being the upright, the slanting, and the water-reflecting. There are many variations of each of these as well. The upright style has become one of the more popular for beginners.
Some examples of other schools of Ikebana are Aratame, which uses a much more contemporary style and modern presentation. Students must first learn basic Ikebana techniques before moving on to higher artistic expression. The Banmi Shofu Ryu school incorporates the use of driftwood and uses other natural materials to create movement, serenity and tranquillity. The Chiko School, famous for its flower arrangements, uses decorative ornaments and figurines in its designs. This results in painting-like displays and methods. Various materials such as mirrors are used for the bases along with pebbles and sand drawings to represent water.
There are many other types of floral design as well. Ikebana is more of a meditative practice, done purposefully and with a lot of thought. Western floral art is just as purposeful, if less reflective than most Ikebana. It includes elements such as the flowers themselves, vines and citrus fruits, ribbons, and sometimes even household items such as picture frames and even the containers.
Western floral designs are also developing rapidly, with floral shows around the world celebrating bouquets and styles with brighter colours in 2018. In style called Magnificent Mediterranean, vibrant colours in shades of gold, cinnabar, blue, and yellow are growing more popular. In this style, the containers used are textured and sometimes blown glass.

ikebana floral art

Current trends in flower design

Another trend for 2018 is called Incarnation of Earth’s Elements. It is a modern, simple style, called a landscape design. It’s a slightly exaggerated recreation of how nature grows that is quite popular with millennials who appreciate the bond humans have with nature. It uses Amaranthus and lotus pods, among other flowers and is likely to use mixed metal containers. Click here for innovative bouquet designs this year so far.
Also expected to be popular in 2018 is Positively Posh. A Paris/Marie Antoinette-inspired design, the Positively Posh uses flowers like hydrangeas and peonies in muted shades of pink and rose, along with teal, green and purple. This particular design is an extension of a favourite design from 2017, called the French Connection.
Folk Art Reinvented is the fourth floral design expected to be popular in 2018. Its casual style is a mix of brightly hued flowers such as alliums, Gerbera daisies, and sunflowers in colours of green, teal, yellow, pink, and orange. These folk art-inspired looks are reminiscent of the hand-crafted appeal of artworks sold on websites like Etsy.

Japanese floral art
There are many types and styles of floral art. It originated in places like China and Japan and had spread across the globe. The interest in different styles and colours has changed over the thousand-plus years of its existence. Ikebana remains a favourite style with thousands of schools across the world. Western floral styles are making use of more than just flowers, adding things like butterfly ribbons to bouquets as accents. Daily Blooms, a local florist that have won hearts in Melbourne & Sydney does elegant flower art in their bouquets that almost looks like just cut out of a garden.  Finding a bouquet or household florals for decoration has never been easier, with styles to suit a range of tastes.

How to Create a Breathtaking Front Yard Landscape

A beautiful house must be complemented by a beautiful landscape in the front yard to give it that homely look. This is the gateway to your home where every visitor that comes in will make them feel at home and get that awe feeling.
When coming home from a hard day at the office, nothing will make you feel relaxed like a beautiful design at the front of your house. That is why landscape design is on rising whether it is an apartment building or a townhouse. Maintain Me, a landscape architecture in Sydney is popular for creating a beautiful landscape as well maintaining them when required. Below are some of the ways you can make your front yard more beautiful, welcoming, and breathtaking:

Planting Accent Trees

The choice of an accent tree for your backyard will depend on the climate in your area, the available space in your home, personal preference and landscape orientation. The common mistake in planting a tree, however, is the depth. You will also consider the sunlight as well as the water requirement before you make that purchase. It must be able a choice that blends well with your front yard.

Some of the best accent trees for your front yard include:

Eastern Redbud

The beauty of the eastern redbud tree will continue even after the spring as the falling leaves will be preceded by green or bronze leaves during summer and when this fall, brown pods will make the tree even more beautiful. These attributes have made this tree a preferred choice in most residential front yards.

Eastern redbud tree

Dwarf Korean Lilac

This is an excellent choice as it does not block the windows and can fit in a small front yard. The tree has a beautiful fragrance, and its pink flowers are at their peak during spring. The round shape of the tree and the dark green leaves makes it attractive even during summer when no buds are visible.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Ornamental Pears

These are characterised by beautiful white flowers that blossom during spring and the pyramid shape which makes them a sight to behold. The tree can grow either as a single stem or multiple stems. The green leaves turn into a mixture of red, purple, and bronze during autumn and this makes them a beauty to behold all year round.

star magnolia

Star Magnolia

It has a rounded shape and produces beautiful star-shaped flowers during winter and spring. The flowers can either be white, pale pink or even dark pink and their appearance on the tree branches before the leaves unfurl is a sight to behold.

star magnolia

Flower beds

However small or significant your front yard is, it is possible to have a flower garden even when the soil is in bad shape. You can make use of containers or garden beautifully on the ground, and both will stand out as well designed yard.
The flowers chosen should be easy to care and have a prolonged blooming season. Go for flowers that have different colours and shape especially the bright coloured ones that will grab the attention of everyone getting into the compound. Such flowers include coneflowers, black-eyed Susan, hardy hibiscus, lobelia, coreopsis, yarrow, butterfly weed, false indigo, among others. Click here for more ideas and inspirations of numerous flower beds.

flower bed

Rock Gardens

A rock garden combined with flowers and accent trees is an excellent way of enhancing your front yard which does not require a lot of resources. The rocks are arranged in an original mountainous appearance and will provide a beautiful, calming sight. You can create a little rock garden in front or backyard of your home for that lovely scene. It is easier to get inspiration from nature and do something magnificent around your corner so that you could have access to those space every day. Check out what makes this rock garden a heritage.
Rock gardens could either be formal which constitutes only green or colourful flowers to give the front yard a natural look. The rock garden could also be native where the plants and flowers are allowed to grow in any way.
The rock garden should not interfere with the drainage of your compound; if possible, you should place the rock garden on the slopy side of your front yard where the water will drain quickly. It should also be a place where there is exposure to the sun to allow the flowers to blossom beautifully. The rock garden should be placed away from the accent trees which may cast shadows that will block the sun from reaching the rock garden. The massive trees will also be competing with the flowers in the rock garden for water and nutrients which may not be very healthy for the rock garden.

rock garden

Garden Quilt

A garden quilt is a beautifully shaped garden usually in geometric shapes which could be circular, squire, rectangular and any other way that is appealing to you. You need to have a sketch of your first-yard quilt on a graph paper before you implement it on the ground. Alternatively, read this to know how technology can be involved in your landscape architecture.
You can search for quilt templates online and look for one that is simple to implement especially if you are making your first garden quilt. Below are great tips to help you in setting up a garden quilt:
Choose plants that will not spread as these will assist in maintaining the shape of the quilt. Avoid those that will require de-heading and those that self-sow as they will dominate the garden and destroy its form.
The plants chosen should preferably be of the same height when they mature.
You can use paint, or string and a stake to mark the boundaries of your quilt garden.
Space the plants properly while planting and apply a lot of creativity to make your quilt garden unique.
To avoid incurring a lot of expenditure, buy the seeds of the plants you intend to plant in your quilt instead of buying germinated plants as they are more expensive.

garden quilt


Your front yard should be your masterpiece, a unique creation that portrays the beauty in your home. Let every feature blend well with each other and do not be afraid of colours. Click here for tons of images and ideas to do your garden quilt. If you are fearful of making mistakes in designing your front yard, never shy away from seeking help from the experts. The accent trees may change as the season’s change, but they will remain beautiful. When designing your front yard, always stay mindful of the drainage system. You will not be comfortable if your compound becomes waterlogged due to lack of a waterway as it may result in an infestation of harmful mosquitoes which thrive in such conditions. For the rock garden especially, locate it on the slopy side of your front yard to allow free drainage of water.