2018’s Must-Try Women’s Fashion Trends

The best time to rethink your wardrobe is at the start of the year. We are three months down and now is the time to ditch the past trends and experiment with this year’s patterns.
So, what hot fashion trends should you try this year?

Gym Chic

Gym chic

Remember your old high school gym gab that you wanted to wear all day every day? Well, give it a glam up by going the athleisure way. Go for a pair of well-fitting boxing shorts paired with chunky sneakers for a head-turning look. For a feminine look, Lorna Jane is worth checking out for some latest trends.
For an even more street look, try pairing lycra cycling shorts with a pair of ankle boots. The look is not for everyone, but if you find yourself already spotting yoga pants half the time, then this look will fit right into your closet.

Tourist Glam

tourist glam bag

Did you ever think that fanny packs could be chic and trendy? Well, the fashion gurus like Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Miu Miu made them cool by showcasing them on the summer/spring runways last year.
If you want a relaxed approach to carry your items when out at a gathering, then you can get one of these belt bags to pair with your desired look. Best yet, you can put an old fanny pack into use to try out this trend.

Gigantic Earrings

statement earrings

Most of us stay away from big, heavy earrings because they tend to get uncomfortable. However, with the right lightweight pair, you can make a supersized statement this year. Follow designer Stephanie Browne for latest statement earrings fashion.
It is not something you would pick for an everyday look but for those occasional shindigs where you want to make an impression.

Mix Prints

mixed prints

Do you love prints and just never know how to pair them up? Why not take a bold step and just try mixing them up however you like. It means playing around with pairings of plaids, checkered, and striped prints.
You can always tell if it does not look right and ditch the look. The best way to try this trend is with the prints you already have in your closet to figure out if it works for you.

Cover Up

black dress

Who knew that covering up can look all so elegant and glamorous? Gucci’s 2017 head-to-toe look was a hit, and it is something every woman must try this year.
Go for a head-to-toe look for a black-tie event; we are sure you can get your hands on such a gown from your favourite store.
Go Back To The 80s
The strong shoulders, lean waist, and long leg silhouettes of the 80s have made a comeback. To picture the look think Princess Diana when she stepped out in a casual yet chic jeans pairing.
It also means splurging on boots if you find this look appealing enough to stay with it, and giving poof-style crop jackets a try.
Remember that fashion always reinvents itself, but the style you choose is what makes it truly your own. With any of these looks, go the extra mile to nail down the right hair and accessories combo.

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