How to Create a Breathtaking Front Yard Landscape

A beautiful house must be complemented by a beautiful landscape in the front yard to give it that homely look. This is the gateway to your home where every visitor that comes in will make them feel at home and get that awe feeling.
When coming home from a hard day at the office, nothing will make you feel relaxed like a beautiful design at the front of your house. That is why landscape design is on rising whether it is an apartment building or a townhouse. Maintain Me, a landscape architecture in Sydney is popular for creating a beautiful landscape as well maintaining them when required. Below are some of the ways you can make your front yard more beautiful, welcoming, and breathtaking:

Planting Accent Trees

The choice of an accent tree for your backyard will depend on the climate in your area, the available space in your home, personal preference and landscape orientation. The common mistake in planting a tree, however, is the depth. You will also consider the sunlight as well as the water requirement before you make that purchase. It must be able a choice that blends well with your front yard.

Some of the best accent trees for your front yard include:

Eastern Redbud

The beauty of the eastern redbud tree will continue even after the spring as the falling leaves will be preceded by green or bronze leaves during summer and when this fall, brown pods will make the tree even more beautiful. These attributes have made this tree a preferred choice in most residential front yards.

Eastern redbud tree

Dwarf Korean Lilac

This is an excellent choice as it does not block the windows and can fit in a small front yard. The tree has a beautiful fragrance, and its pink flowers are at their peak during spring. The round shape of the tree and the dark green leaves makes it attractive even during summer when no buds are visible.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Ornamental Pears

These are characterised by beautiful white flowers that blossom during spring and the pyramid shape which makes them a sight to behold. The tree can grow either as a single stem or multiple stems. The green leaves turn into a mixture of red, purple, and bronze during autumn and this makes them a beauty to behold all year round.

star magnolia

Star Magnolia

It has a rounded shape and produces beautiful star-shaped flowers during winter and spring. The flowers can either be white, pale pink or even dark pink and their appearance on the tree branches before the leaves unfurl is a sight to behold.

star magnolia

Flower beds

However small or significant your front yard is, it is possible to have a flower garden even when the soil is in bad shape. You can make use of containers or garden beautifully on the ground, and both will stand out as well designed yard.
The flowers chosen should be easy to care and have a prolonged blooming season. Go for flowers that have different colours and shape especially the bright coloured ones that will grab the attention of everyone getting into the compound. Such flowers include coneflowers, black-eyed Susan, hardy hibiscus, lobelia, coreopsis, yarrow, butterfly weed, false indigo, among others. Click here for more ideas and inspirations of numerous flower beds.

flower bed

Rock Gardens

A rock garden combined with flowers and accent trees is an excellent way of enhancing your front yard which does not require a lot of resources. The rocks are arranged in an original mountainous appearance and will provide a beautiful, calming sight. You can create a little rock garden in front or backyard of your home for that lovely scene. It is easier to get inspiration from nature and do something magnificent around your corner so that you could have access to those space every day. Check out what makes this rock garden a heritage.
Rock gardens could either be formal which constitutes only green or colourful flowers to give the front yard a natural look. The rock garden could also be native where the plants and flowers are allowed to grow in any way.
The rock garden should not interfere with the drainage of your compound; if possible, you should place the rock garden on the slopy side of your front yard where the water will drain quickly. It should also be a place where there is exposure to the sun to allow the flowers to blossom beautifully. The rock garden should be placed away from the accent trees which may cast shadows that will block the sun from reaching the rock garden. The massive trees will also be competing with the flowers in the rock garden for water and nutrients which may not be very healthy for the rock garden.

rock garden

Garden Quilt

A garden quilt is a beautifully shaped garden usually in geometric shapes which could be circular, squire, rectangular and any other way that is appealing to you. You need to have a sketch of your first-yard quilt on a graph paper before you implement it on the ground. Alternatively, read this to know how technology can be involved in your landscape architecture.
You can search for quilt templates online and look for one that is simple to implement especially if you are making your first garden quilt. Below are great tips to help you in setting up a garden quilt:
Choose plants that will not spread as these will assist in maintaining the shape of the quilt. Avoid those that will require de-heading and those that self-sow as they will dominate the garden and destroy its form.
The plants chosen should preferably be of the same height when they mature.
You can use paint, or string and a stake to mark the boundaries of your quilt garden.
Space the plants properly while planting and apply a lot of creativity to make your quilt garden unique.
To avoid incurring a lot of expenditure, buy the seeds of the plants you intend to plant in your quilt instead of buying germinated plants as they are more expensive.

garden quilt


Your front yard should be your masterpiece, a unique creation that portrays the beauty in your home. Let every feature blend well with each other and do not be afraid of colours. Click here for tons of images and ideas to do your garden quilt. If you are fearful of making mistakes in designing your front yard, never shy away from seeking help from the experts. The accent trees may change as the season’s change, but they will remain beautiful. When designing your front yard, always stay mindful of the drainage system. You will not be comfortable if your compound becomes waterlogged due to lack of a waterway as it may result in an infestation of harmful mosquitoes which thrive in such conditions. For the rock garden especially, locate it on the slopy side of your front yard to allow free drainage of water.

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